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Your body expends a set amount of calories just by existing every day, this is your basal metabolic rate or "BMR". Total Daily Energy Expenditure "TDE" is a calcuation of how many calories you burn by scaling the BMR with your activity level.
Lean Body Mass is the sum of all weight your carry with the exception of fat. It is ideal to maintain or increase this number while lowering your body fat percentage.
Weight loss is achieved by burning more net calories than intaken in a day. Following a planned caloric deficit can help you hit weight loss goals in a timely but steady process.
Get started losing weight and on the path to a fitter you! But really, head over to Keto Macros and pick up some recipes and more info. If you need some more help getting started send us a message!

This chart provides a visual reference so you can make an approximation of your current body fat percentage. Calculating macros based off of body fat percentage is more accurate than by body mass index. For the most accurate results use a set of calipers if possible.

Activity level is more than just working out. Do you have a very physical job where you are on your feet? If you have an office job and exercise a couple times a week we recommend choosing sedentary. For those that their work keeps them on their feet and moving all day (retail, construction, servers) it's advised to choose an increased activity level. However, if you hit the gym everyday for an hour and bike to work you need extra calories and should choose a higher setting.
It is important to choose a goal that works for your body and lifestyle. A smaller caloric deficit is easier to maintain and adopt on a long term basis. If you are an active person choose a slower goal as you will be burning additional calories. Avoiding deficits over 25% of your TDEE is recommended for sustainable and permanent weight loss.
After a period of stalled progression or significant change in weight it is recommended to recalculate your macros. Also, if you have a change in activity level or goals it would be ideal to revisit the calculator.


Sedentary Lightly Highly
Maintain Slow Medium Rapid

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